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FDF #012: Three Top Secret Science-Based Health Hacks Other FitPros Don't Want You To Know

fit daddy fundamentals fitness health hacks science-based health hacks top secret Mar 09, 2024

Happy Saturday, and welcome to this special edition of the Fit Daddy Fundamentals Newsletter!

Today you're going to learn 3 Top Secret, Science-Based, Health Hacks Other FitPros Don't Want You To Know.

Let's go!


1) Chug 2 Beers Daily For Maximum Hypertrophy

I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. By restricting cellular hydration and simultaneously quickly dumping water into the cells, alcohol in beer actually makes your muscles grow and look bigger. First because the alcohol moves faster through your digestive system, it dehydrates your muscle cells causing them to shrink and become extremely 'thirsty'. Then, with your muscle cells in this thirsty state, the slower moving water arrives just in time to flood your cells. As the water soaks into every part of your cells it creates pressure on the cell walls causing them to expand to 10.3X there normal size.

This 2-step process of restriction and overload is the fastest way to looked jacked without touching a barbell.


2) Carb-fat Reallocation Accelerated Protein-synthesis (CRAP)

Eating a steady steam of ultra high fat and simple carbohydrate desserts DURING INTENSE WORKOUTS actually enhances your body's ability to build strength and muscle simultaneously. CRAP actually transmutates these carbs and fats into highly available super proteins. These proteins are only available during hyper-intense conditions while your body is in heart rate zone 5 and your muscles are at failure. The best way to get into this state is to focus on your 2-rep maxes of squats, bench, deadlifts with a mouth full of dessert so it can be continuously pumping into your system.


3) Accelerated Cortisol Tritiputation In and On Neurons (ACTION) Method

Not only will the ACTION method send your metabolism into overdrive but due to the cortisol tritiputation of your neurons you’ll have extreme clarity and focus. Imagine firing on all cylinders in overdrive 48 hours per day!! Here's the key to this breakthrough method: do. not. sleep. for 3 days straight. When you're sleeping, you're not moving, so how will your body burn fat? When you don't sleep and you keep your cortisol levels really high, your body and your neurons are able to keep the momentum they have in the morning, all day long.



It's as easy as 1-2-3 to shred fat and get jacked... make sure to check out the tips below to learn more about how this will work for you.


Your Coach,



P.S. April Fools!


P.P.S. Here's the truth...

1) Maybe if you’ve got your beer goggles on, you might think you look jacked, but the reality is that alcoholic beverages of any type interferes with your biochemistry and impairs muscle protein synthesis.

2) Your kid holding that banana split up to your face so you can take huge bites while you're squatting is total CRAP. You're body will not change carbs and fat to protein.

3) Do. Not. Follow... the ACTION Method. It's a recipe for psychiatric problems and fat gain.


P.P.P.S. You'll probably see a fair amount of stuff that looks like the above BS in the health and fitness marketplace...

Don't fall for it! Stick to the Fundamentals.

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