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FDF #019: Community

accountability community fit daddy fundamentals fitness community May 11, 2024

Ever wondered how some dads manage to stay fit despite the chaos of fatherhood?

Spoiler: They don’t go at it alone.



It’s a sunny Saturday morning and you're at the park.

But today, instead of just watching your kids play, you’re with a couple of dads doing push-ups and bodyweight squats.

This isn't just any group...

It’s a group of dads who care about being there for their family...

Who care about how they're showing up in the world...

Who care about how they feel every day...

Who care about lifting each other up, and holding each other accountable.


The Rundown

A strong community can transform the daunting path to fitness into an enjoyable journey.

Here’s why integrating community into your fitness regimen isn’t just nice, but necessary:

  • Support and Motivation: Just like a team sport, having others to support you can propel you forward and keep you motivated.

  • Accountability: Scheduled meet-ups and check-ins keep you on track.

  • Shared Knowledge: Learn new workouts, recipes, and health strategies that work for others.

  • Emotional Connection: Sharing struggles and successes creates deeper connections, making your fitness journey more fulfilling.

Famous dads like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pratt have openly discussed how vital community and support have been in their fitness transformations, proving that even superheroes need a team.


How It Works

Joining a fitness community taps into our basic need for belonging, significantly boosting our commitment to fitness.

Psychologically, it establishes a network of peer reinforcement, making us more likely to stick with our goals.

Emotionally, it reduces feelings of isolation, increases enjoyment of the workout process, and elevates our overall well-being.


How To Apply This:

  1. Start a Fitness Challenge at Work: Encourage your colleagues to join you in a monthly fitness challenge.

  2. Family Workout Sessions: Make your fitness routine a family affair, which can include anything from biking to yoga.

  3. Join One of Our Programs at FItDaddy365: Use our resources to connect with other dads with the same goals as you.

  4. Find an Accountability Buddy: Partner with a friend online or IRL to share goals, progress, and daily fitness and nutrition hacks.

The Takeaway

Remember, the journey to fitness isn’t a road you have to walk alone.

Building or joining a community of like-minded dads can provide a substantial lift to your fitness goals.

Together, we can become leaner, stronger, and happier dads.

So, this week... reach out to another dad, and figure out what you can do together to focus more on fitness together.

Your Coach,



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