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FDF #014: Do Not Listen to the Marketing

abs fit daddy fundamentals marketing six-pack marketing trainer abs Mar 30, 2024

The fitness industry has it wrong.

I'm tired of it being about our abs.

About your abs.

About your trainers abs.

About abs at all.

Let’s keep it about being alive to watch your daughter get married.

Let’s keep it about meeting your grandkids.

Let’s make it about how you show up in the world every day.

Let’s make it about your career.

Your family. Your dreams, and accomplishments.

Let’s make it about changing your family tree so your kids are set on track and stay on track.

And if we get six-packs along the way? Great!

But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that’s what matters most.


The Problem With Six-Pack Marketing

Health is not just about how we look on the outside, but also about how we feel on the inside.

It's about nourishing our bodies with nutritious food, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress.

It's about nurturing our physical and mental health, and emotional well-being.

It's about engaging in activities that bring us joy, and quality time with loved ones.

And the amazing thing is that when we do that... we're headed in the direction of optimal health.

But when we focus exclusively on, "Do I have a six-pack?" or "Am I completed jacked?"...

Then we're missing the point.

And when this is your sole focus, chances are you're only going to feel discouraged and demotivated most of the time.

Because most of the time on this journey, you're not going to look like your goal... until you get there.

To get there you need to stay motivated.

You need to be energized.

We need to keep our why top of mind to push ourselves to do things that aren't easy.

Things we don't want to do.

To get back up when we fall off.

To choose a different path.

And while that six-pack you saw online that might have piqued your interest in making it yours...

it probably doesn't have the staying power you need for your transformation.


The Powerful Solution

There is a powerful, everyday solution to this problem.

It has two parts that lay at opposite ends of the spectrum.

First, we can make our health meaningful by thinking about the long-term impact it can have on our families.

By taking care of our own health, we set an example for our children and future generations.

We can break unhealthy patterns and create a positive change in our family tree.

We can inspire our kids to set their own health goals and stay on track, creating a ripple effect that can last for generations to come.

This is the legacy part of the spectrum.


Second, we can make our health and fitness about how good we feel in the near term.

Your choices should make you feel good while you do them and after they're done.

When you're getting enough sleep.

When you're eating foods that nourish your body.

When you're strengthening your body and mind.

That's when you're feeling great!

Your health and fitness has massive benefits RIGHT NOW.

You should feel that and use that to motivate you towards your goals.

It's not just about how you'll look or feel eventually.

It's about how you are going to feel in the moment.

This is the instantaneous part of the spectrum.


When you use these two components of this solution, you will get where you want to go.

When one fails you, the other is right there to push you.

And when you remember to use them both together

It'll be harder to fall of the wagon than to stay on the path.



Once you're using the above, then use that aesthetic goal, six-pack or not to drive you when you want.

Just remember, that's not what it's all about.

It's about living a life that is truly worth living - a life that is about being alive to witness the precious moments, fulfilling our dreams, and making a positive impact for ourselves, our families, and in the world.


Your Coach,


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