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FDF #015: The weekend before last...

consistency fit daddy fundamentals health wellness Apr 13, 2024

Happy Sunday!?

I'm not gonna lie, last weekend was rough.

This week was rough.

It started two Friday's ago… the stomach bug hit our family. Two year old, she got it first.

Sent it to mama, then me, then the other kids. Last kid recovered Thursday/Friday.

So it was, it was a pretty rough weekend and week.

Hence, the lateness of this issue of the newsletter; and the opportunity to share with you the things that I did do, to keep my consistency and to recover quickly.

It took me a full day to recover to where I was at least 80 or 90%.

The remaining 10% took me another 2-3 days

Here's what I did to stay consistent, feel better in the moment, and get better fast:


First, I didn't stop doing my daily workout.

Did I do it with the same intensity? No.

Did I do it as quickly? No.

Did I do it in the morning? No.

Did I push myself? Not at all.

I do the daily kickstarter and then the 100 XD every day.

If I'm on it, with moderate intensity, it takes 15 minutes, Maybe 20 minutes.

On my sickest day, it probably took me 40 minutes.

And instead of blasting right through all the reps, I did a quarter of a set and I sat down.

I catch my breath, rest, get back up… do an other quarter set.

Repeat… until…. Ah.. done ✅

Did I feel like doing it? No!

But I knew, that I would feel better after I did it.

I knew that no matter how I felt today, tomorrow I would feel better because I did it.

And I’d be better because of it.

Now it's not some insane, Squat Till You Fail And Puke workout.

But it's what keeps my head in the game.

And that is the single biggest challenge when it comes to being consistent with workouts or nutrition or meditation or sleep or any of the fundamentals when it comes to your health and fitness.

It's keeping your head in the game.

It's keeping your mindset positive, active, and focused on what you can do.

So that's number one... I kept my routine.


Number two, I slept.

Basically, all day Sunday... I slept.

I felt horrible.

And I knew that if I slept, if I let my body get what it needed, that would help me to recover quickly.

That was rough.

This was our youngest daughter's second birthday.

Had a whole party planned.

Obviously that didn't go as planned, but we still had some cake and balloons, stuff like that.

Everyone that was coming over didn't come over.

I got up for the singing with the cake.

But generally speaking, I just laid in bed.

I did nothing. (Other than singing and a workout)

Was I tempted to white-knuckle-it through the day?

Yes! It was our little one's birthday...

And I HATE laying in bed if i'm not sleeping.

But I knew that all-day, bed-rest was what my body needed.


Third, I meditated.

In fact, I did a particular Healing Meditation by Emily Fletcher (of Ziva Meditation fame).

She has a guided healing meditation, and while I was in bed on Sunday, I ran through that meditation.

You know, it was weird.

It was really difficult to do.

I was literally in bed, eyes closed.

How hard could it be to listen to something and sort of participate in my head?

But It was really hard to follow through with that meditation.

It wasn't taxing on my body.

But I was just in pain.

It was hard to focus.

It was hard to keep my mind on track.

But I spent the 20-25 minutes, did the healing meditation, and definitely felt... at the least, different.

The point of this type of meditation is that it reduces cortisol, improves immunity.

So when you're sick, what do you need?

Better immunity.

It's going to help you recover more quickly, and feel better.


The takeaway

So, what's the lesson here?

When you're sick, keep your biochemistry working for you.

Release the feel good chemicals. (The light workout, the meditation)

Decrease the not-good-in-that-moment chemicals. (The meditation, the sleep)

Help your body repair things at the cellular level.

Help your body fight the virus that's causing the sickness.

Help yourself to recover more quickly,

To protect your consistency,

And be able to show up,

how you want to show up,

as soon as possible.


When I did this, did I feel better instantly? No.

Did I feel better within a day? Yes.

I was back basically to 95, 98, 99 percent within 2-3 days.

Results may vary - and obviously use your judgement (and your medical provider's, too!) when it comes to your body and health - but when you implement these strategies you'll be headed in the right direction for a lifetime of good health and fitness.


I thank you for your patience on this newsletter edition and I hope you've had a terrific weekend!


Your Coach,



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