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FDF #001: Start With Why

getting started goals motivation Jan 07, 2023

Welcome to the first Fit Dad Fundamentals newsletter!

I'm glad you're here. Let's dive in...

Where do we start?

Well, Dr. Stephen R. Covey said it this way:

"Begin With the End in Mind"

And Simon Sinek says,

"Start with Why"


And that's exactly where we are going to start.

We're gonna start with my why.

We're gonna start with your why.


Because that's what's most important.

That's why our health and fitness matters.

That why is what is going to get us results.


That is what is going to get us living the life we to live.

Being the men we want to be.

Being the dads we want to be.

Being the dads our children need us to be.

And showing up in life in a way that matters, in a way that brings us and the other people in our lives what were desire... joy.


So let's start with my why.

My why is rooted in all of our children. My why is rooted in making myself a better dad for my kids, making you a better dad for your kids, and generally making all of us dads better for all of our kids.

Those dads that aren't doing great, I want them to be better. Those dads that are already great, I want them to have a contagious effect on the rest of us.

I want those kids who don't have a dad to have people in their life investing in them, so that they grow up to be great dads and moms. I want those kids who have a great dad to grow up to be great, too.

I want us to change the trajectory of all of our kids' lives so that you and I and our kids can make this world better.

Fundamentally, for me, this is about changing our world. This is about serving our kids, investing in our kids. And it's predicated on the fact that our future lies in our kids' hands.

The children we raise are our future world. If we want things to change, we have to start with ourselves, and we have to pass that on to our children.

... so that's the long-winded, rambly version of My Why.


Here's the concise version:

I want to see you and I change this world.

I want kids everywhere to have the best possible dads they can have.

In fact here’s my mission statement... this is my North Star:

Here's the thing though, I can’t do this alone.

I need your help.


Why health and fitness?

For us dads to accomplish what we want to accomplish, we're going to need the energy... We're going to need the resiliency. We're going to need the longevity to show up to make a difference.

If we don't have the energy to play with our kids, to invest in our kids, to go the extra mile with our kids, to teach our kids, to show our kids, then how are we gonna teach them anything?

If we're not here long enough to see our kids graduate or get married, or to meet our grandkids, what kind of legacy are we gonna be able to leave?

Maybe some old stories, but that's about it.

And so we need to be here, now, filled with passion, filled with happiness, showing them how to be healthy, how to be strong, how to accomplish their goals, how to accomplish what they set out to accomplish in their lives.

We need to pass along our values. We need to pass along our morals. We need to be in a position to excel on their behalf and to excel as an example for them.

And right now...

the vast majority of us are completely unhealthy. The majority of us are overweight, obese, on the path of diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, heart attack, heart disease.

And we're not showing up how we should show up, how we need to show up, how know we can show up.

We're not fulfilling our potential. We're not setting our children on the right path.

We're letting our legacy languish.

And to me, for me, I don't want to accept that.

And I know that there are millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions. Maybe there's a billion dads out there that don't want that for their lives or for their children's lives.

And together, we can change that.


Your Turn

What is your why?

I want you to get really clear on that; you need to get really clear on that.

Because for something like this, something that that is a never-ending, lifelong journey, challenge, and responsibility...

You're not going to succeed without knowing that why.

Having clarity around your why and returning to that why...

when you don't want to do another pushup,

when you don't want to run another mile,

when you don't wanna swim in another lap,

when you don't want to...

play with the kids,

do homework with them,

stay in your marriage,

go to work,

send another email,

log another meal,

give up another dessert...

... is going to be crucial.


There's an endless supply of temptation,

an endless supply of challenges, obstacles, things that trip us up.

To overcome them, requires knowing your why.

So you can return to that motivation, to that foundation to gather the strength and the motivation to keep going.


So what's your why?

Why is it that you are reading this right now?

Why do you care about your health and fitness?

Is it the six pack? Is it the grandkids? Is it your kids?

Is it work? Is it your wife? Is it purely aesthetic? Is it purely values?

Is it all of the above?

I wanna know what your why is.

I want to know why you care about your health and fitness.

So send me a message back, comment on social media, email me.

I want to know what your why is, what drives you.

Most importantly, I want you to know what your why is, and what drives you.

And I want you to get really clear on that.




Alright, man, I'll see you again next week, if not sooner.


Your Coach,




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