The #1 most important lesson from my Dad? “YOU CAN”

Jul 06, 2019

Do you remember the most important lesson your dad ever taught you?

The most important lesson from my Dad is completely contained within two simple, yet powerful words: “YOU CAN.”

When I was a kid, I had no appreciation for his wisdom. I just didn’t get it. 

I remember a moment when I was 10 years old. My dad and I walked down to the middle school near my grandparents house to play basketball. It felt like I missed every single shot I took. I kept whining, “I can’t. I can’t, Dad.” Every time his response was the same: “You can.” I’d get so furious. Furious at his insistence that I could. Furious at his insistence that I was wrong. Clearly, I couldn’t. Was he insane?

In life, again and again, I’d say “I can’t” and he’d say— “YOU CAN. YOU CAN, SOREN.” Sometimes he'd even seem mad. Eventually, I stopped saying “I can’t”, at least out loud. Slowly, my...

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